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People make companies successful.

That’s why we don't have an HR department; instead, we have a People & Culture department. Your job needs to be an ideal fit for you and your life – that's an important matter to us. And we also know that you won't leave your life outside of work completely behind when you come through the office doors.

For you, Life @ joblocal means an all-round modern working environment that enables the open exchange of ideas, information and feedback and, in doing so, promotes innovation as well as a positive error culture.

joblocal is a young, dynamic company with agile working methods and a clear strategic objective. This means the following: We know exactly where we want to be, but not always which path will be the best, quickest or simplest. For us, agile working also means utilising the diverse knowledge and experiences gained by our various teams and colleagues in order to be able to work in a prompt, flexible and innovative manner.

We share the company's knowledge and information in a transparent manner, all of which can be accessed at any time via our stand-up meetings, Slack channels or joblocal Intranet. You can find out yourself about the status of a project or current topics from other divisions and provide your own relevant input at any time.

Our diverse feedback channels enable you to participate as you see fit and partake in company affairs. Whether it's the mood barometer sent via email each week, the Round Table (an open discussion forum with the People & Culture division), the “Suggestion Box”, which allows you to put forward ideas or give feedback anonymously, or our Product Service Centre for product ideas, everyone is free to participate in their own way. Last but not least, you will always find the doors are open to your respective manager, the People & Culture department or the Executive Board.

By working together with you, we can create a learning organisation that invests in the development of every single individual – and by that we don't just mean monetary investment either. For us, this environment provides the basis for your full personal development, your own personal success and, thus, the commercial success of joblocal.

The Core Values, which represent our own values, lay down our guiding principles and provide guidance on how to deal with each other, our approach and decision-making at joblocal.




Well, we’re not referring to city breaks here! Our office is surrounded by a stunning mountain backdrop, located directly on the Mangfall, a small river that invites you to go for a walk at lunchtime. You can reach our office by bicycle, bus or car. A nearby autobahn junction also makes commuting easier for colleagues living in the surrounding area.

Our teams sit together in large communal offices – and yet they are still able to work on their own tasks here in a focused manner. Headphones or a note in our communication tool “Slack” are mostly the signal for “Do not disturb here”.
The kitchen is the central meeting point in the office. We are able to meet up here, enjoy a coffee, cook something nice together and chat among ourselves. We also have a number of “quiet retreats” where you can go and work in an even more focused manner.




"Work hard, play hard" is perhaps a slightly exaggerated way of saying it, but we do nevertheless enjoy celebrating our success (or sometimes just celebrating examples of excellent cooperation or the team itself).

We make sure there are plenty of occasions to do this, with the summer and Christmas parties being classic examples. We enjoying going to the Rosenheimer Herbstfest autumn festival, hosting a “Weißwurst” breakfast, going night-skiing or celebrating a successful quarter together.


Thanks to our parent company - the FUNKE Mediengruppe - we are part of the program for the "Corporate Benefits employee offers" with joblocal.

For you, this means that you can benefit from numerous discounts and attractive offers from well-known brands in the fields of cars, workshops, fashion, technology, leisure, sports, insurance, housing and much more!


Our office is located in Kolbermoor near Rosenheim.

You can cycle to work here using the beautiful Mangfalldamm route.

We also have excellent public transport links by bus or train as well.

If you travel by car, our office also has an excellent strategic location near to the autobahn.


We are part of the Funke Company Bike program.

This gives you the opportunity to lease a bike or e-bike via joblocal at a reduced price - and then of course also use it privately.

And these are your specific advantages:
It is cheaper for you than private leasing and we take care of the bike insurance for you, so that you will always be riding safely.
Besides, it is good for the environment, your health and it avoids the stress with public transport or when looking for a parking spot.



We don't believe that we can do everything already, but we do believe that everyone can learn (almost) anything they like and never stop learning. This “growth mindset” represents the following for us: Learn. Grow. Succeed.

We are living and working in an era where everything is constantly changing. Many jobs, such as data scientists, simply did not exist here just a few years ago. What that also means is that we do not know what the jobs of the future are going to look like. Digital transformation is also changing the entire way in which we work, and the content that we deal with is becoming ever quicker. In order to be able to survive and be successful in the future job market, we want to provide you with the key competencies to achieve this, namely your own willingness to learn and change.
Our development activities have many different faces. It all begins with you and your own individual development meeting. By working together with your manager, you can work out the various subject areas that are of interest to you, as well as how you want to continue your personal growth. Together with the People & Culture department, we will define your “sweet spot” within the organisation, doing so in a way that fits in with your personal objectives and the company’s goals.

Learn. Grow. Succeed. We will accompany you through all kinds of further training options. These options range from "knowledge-sharing” evenings, where colleagues from other specialist departments can share their expert knowledge, to external seminars, courses or training sessions, webinars or learning platforms and knowledge databases, right through to the opportunity to enjoy internal coaching sessions.

In addition to all of the above, we also believe in the principle of “one piece of learning a day”, referring to learning experiences and success that you experience in any normal day at work.